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Modern health insurance isn’t enough to protect your clients from emergency transport bills. The truth is, most insurance plans don’t provide adequate coverage when it comes to ground or air ambulances. Emergency transportation bills can be crippling and leave people drowning in medical debt. With MASA, you can offer peace of mind and financial security during any emergency.

How To Explain MASA MTS


There are four ways your employees could get stuck with massive out-of-pocket costs for emergency ground or ambulance transportation.

  • Out-of-Network Providers
  • Insurance Scrutinizes Needs 
  • Insurance Only Pays Set Amount
  • Copays and Deductibles

Learn how MASA MTS takes the emergency transportation bill and leaves your team with the ultimate peace of mind by bridging the gap in the group benefits plan.







Get Started Product Kit

MASA MTS provides you with a complete Broker/Agent Kit that includes Product Sheets, Employee Break-Room Poster and more. Download your Get Started Kit here.

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Your MASA MTS Team

Reach out to your dedicated local MASA MTS Representative for support and start bridging the gaps in ground and air ambulance coverage today.

Joe Lemons
SC/NC State Director
Business to Business Sales
Direct/Text: 864-800-3116

Matt Ellis 
Regional Director
Broker Sales and National Accounts